I bought "Birds of a Feather" (the book + song!)! How do I download the music?

Thank you so much for your purchase! Please "buy" the song here on The Kokoro Collective site and use the download code you received in your book during checkout. 

I love "Birds of a Feather" the music video! Why is there a bass and harmonium in the video even though those instruments are not mentioned in the song and book?

Good question! Even though the bass and harmonium are not mentioned in the song and book, they're part of the musical arrangement and we didn't want to leave them out of the video. The bassist, Tony, is awesome and also played the trumpet! The lady on harmonium, Hannah, is also awesome! To quote "Birds of a Feather," "With more and more, we learn to work together! Sweet chorus comes and we're birds of a feather."